The Seven Week Mindfulness Training for Providers

Study after study has shown that physicians and care-givers benefit (and may even flourish) from mindfulness based practices that promote “relaxation through nonjudgmental awareness of moment-to-moment sensations and experiences, and reactions.” (Zwack & Schweitzer, 2013)  The Healing Tree Project in grounded on a basic skills course.  It is specifically geared towards addressing the needs of employers and healthcare providers.  In acknowledgement of the time limitations at play and a sensitivity to alleviating stress rather than augmenting, the course is a straight-forward delivery system to teach mind-body practices to allow the provider to learn to navigate present moment awareness with a certain supportive and mindful orientation in the quality of attention. 

Course Objectives:

  • Improve focus and cultivate stable concentration & attention

  • Encourage the development of self-awareness, the core component of emotional intelligence

  • Introduce the skills to improve flexibility and wise responsiveness in the present moment as situations arise

  • Develop self-care skills, to promote balance, happiness and productivity, to deepen the resiliency and balance

  • Teach skills around stress management and reduction as well as emotional regulation and calm.

  • Teach practices that cultivate empathy, compassion and self-compassion.
  • Provide a welcoming space within which to begin learning and practicing mindfulness.   

Course Curriculum:

  •     Introduction to Mindfulness Session
  •     Week 1:  Mindfulness of Body & Breath
  •     Week 2:  Mindfulness of Sensation & Movement
  •     Week 3:  Mindfulness of the Senses & Feeling Tone
  •     Week 4:  Mindfulness of Emotions
  •     Week 5:  Mindfulness of Thoughts
  •     Week 6:  Mindfulness & Compassion
  •     Week 7:  Self-Compassion & Present Awareness

    We will work with you to tailor a training to your and your company’s needs, to fashion a training that both fits and serves.  We are fully flexible in fitting the training to address the needs and practicalities at hand.

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