What does the Healing Tree Project do?

Introduce and teach mindfulness techniques for use and practice to decrease stress, emotional pain, job burnout and to increase well-being and happiness through:

  Mindful Breathing as formal and informal practices, to increase body awareness and self awareness, leading to emotional regulation and attention regulation.           

   Mindful Movement as a method of cultivating a mind-body connection while gently improving strength and flexibility in attitudes of body and mind, including but not limited to attitude of acceptance, non-judging, flexibility    nonresistance, receptivity and non-striving, among others.    

    Informal and Formal Meditation Practices as paths to experiencing deeper qualities of calm, clarity and confidence in the present moment and as ways to discover rest and restoration, and

    Practices to Increase + Encourage Self-Awareness as paths to enrich and nourish our relationship to ourselves and others.

  • Encourage the development of self-awareness, the core component of emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivate the skills necessary to improve flexibility and wise responsiveness in the present moment as situations arise
  • To develop self-care skills, to promote balance, happiness and productivity, to deepen the resiliency and self-care resources of a healthier work force
  • Teach skills around stress management and reduction and emotional regulation and calm.
  • Teach practices that cultivate empathy, compassion and self-compassion.
  • Provide a welcoming space within which to begin learning and practicing mindfulness.

What is mindfulness meditation?

  Meditation is classically used as the primary vehicle to train in mindfulness.  Meditation provides a way to both directly encounter our current attentional habits and to learn ways to more productively gather and hold our attention.  For thousands of years, mindfulness meditation has been practiced to deepen and develop our natural capacities for sustained attention, mental clarity and insight, in order to act with wise and appropriate responsiveness in the immediacy of the present moment.  Mindfulness training meditations are centered around increasing awareness of the body, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

How can I bring a training to me or to my place of work? 

You can simply submit a contact on the Contact Page, requesting that we get in touch concerning arranging a training.  Please include the name, phone number, title, if appropriate, and address of the person whom we should contact, so that we can make sure we are reaching out to the right person!  You can also call Bethany at (904) 704.3298 and leave a detailed message, including the request for a training or for more information and the information outlined above.  We look forward to being in touch with you.